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White Tail Deer


Mature White Tail Buck = $1400

Mature White Tail Doe = $700 

Package Deal = 1 Mature Buck (non-trophy) + 1 Doe = $1600

Meat Hunt 2 Does = $1000

Cull Buck/Spike = $500 

Trophy Hunting = Call ahead of time 

For deer hunting we'll generally want to get in 2-3 days of hunting. We do offer discounts for groups, veterans, and youth hunts. Just reach out to us and let us know what you are wanting to do.  Prices above do not include licenses/tags. 

Hog Hunting Package


We have hogs and this package is all about hunting them down. We'll hunt both day and night. During the day we'll use stands, spot and stalk, and baited areas. During the night, we'll equip our thermal scopes to go find the big boars and the big herds of pigs. ***Hog Dogging is also available -- please ensure you ask about this if it's something you want to do. What is hog dogging? Essentially it's you + a knife + some very well trained dogs going after pigs! It's pure adrenaline and a guaranteed good time. 

Price = $800.00 per person

Unlimited Hogs

2 Nights of Thermal Hunting 

Hog Dogging*** is an added price and not always available


Butchering = $150.00 per animal 

Vacuum Sealed Meat = $50.00 per animal

Taxidermy Prep for Mounts = $50.00

Rifle Rental + Range Time = $100.00

Trophy Fee 

130-140 = +$1000

140-150 = +$1500

150+ = +$2000 

Non-Hunters = No charge, but we will limit the amount of people per hunter. You MUST notify us ahead of time if you are bringing any non-hunters with you and how many. 

Extra Packages = We will discount the packages. Just let us know how many people are coming to hunt and we can settle on a price. 

Youth Hunting = We fully encourage kids to come out and hunt! Kids 16 and under we'll cut some special discounts to encourage hunting. Must be at least 9 years of age to hunt within Texas. 


We do not provide lodging, food, or travel. There are plenty of options around Vernon Texas and Quanah Texas for lodging. For food, we recommend you bring some snacks and drinks for the hunts. 

We expect our clients to meet us at certain locations around Chillicothe Texas and then we'll drive together or take one vehicle to the location(s) we are hunting. We will provide on site transportation for hunting.

If you need a Taxidermist we are happy to recommend a few different locations based on where you live or we can do something local and have mounts shipped/picked up. 

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