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We hunt on the Red River which includes a lot of thick brush, multiple travel routes, as well as a large wheat field. Deer in our area are free range and with river access there's always a random chance to see something new every time you go out. We are averaging 8 Point Classic White Tail bucks with several mature deer each year in the 10 to 14 range. Whether you want a buck or doe, we have plenty of deer. 

Image by HARSH  TANK


Given our location along the Red River we have an abundance of predators to hunt. Coyotes and Bobcats being the most common though foxes and the rare mountain lion sighting have also popped up. We have several great spots to set up with calls and get in to position for some great hunting. Please ensure you call us ahead of time so we can give you an update on what's happening and what things have been like recently. This type of hunting isn't always available given the animal population and movement patterns. 



We are over run with wild pigs. If you want to get some meat or just help eradicate the wild pigs we'd love to have you come and experience hunting these wild pigs in a variety of ways. We have several options for hunting including standard sit-in blind hunting as well as night-time thermal hunting and the very exhilarating no guns allowed hog dogging where it's only some dogs, a group of people, and knives. 

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