• What does JGL mean?

    • James Graham Land -- James Graham was Greg's father who passed away in 2017. ​

    • James loved to be outside and share things with his family and it's in his name that we continue this tradition.

  • The Phillips family built and ran the Hardeman Grain and Seed Elevator in Chillicothe Texas.

    • This was a family run business for over 50 years and included several locations around Chillicothe. ​

    • The family even built railroad tracks and owned a locomotive to stay up with the times. 

  • Visit the Medicine Mounds

    • A few miles south west of Chillicothe is host to the Medicine Mounds.

    • The Medicine Mounds were and continue to be an important location for the Comanche Nation, often used for spirt quests and visions. ​

  • Valley Pecans

    • Most people recognize Chillicothe Texas due to Valley Pecans on US Highway 287.
    • Valley Pecans offers all sort of gifts, homemade snacks & sweets, as well as a deli for some great lunches. 
  • Love's BBQ
    • Right next to Valley Pecans you can find Love's BBQ, which has amazing BBQ as well as other Texas favorites. ​
  • Red River
    • The Red River has been a focal point in Texhoma for a long time. The Comanche used the Red River as a major landmark and travel route.
    • The Red River still acts as a major travel route for animals to this day. 
    • The Red River currently serves as the boundary for Texas and Oklahoma. 

JGL Hunting reserves the right to interrupt, terminate, cancel or reschedule hunt dates caused by uncontrolled natural or man made events that present a high risk to health, welfare and or safety of a client. This rarely happens but is required and in the best interest for all of our guests.

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