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Common Questions and Information

  • What happens if I shoot an animal and we can't recover it?

    • We do our very best to recover every animal shot. If this happens to be a Buck or Deer, it will count against your package with us.​

  • Do you have any forms I need to sign?

    • We'll ask that you arrive a bit early the first evening you are there so we can get your signature on our release of liability forms. We'll also provide these ahead of time via e-mail so you can review and bring them with you if you'd like. ​

  • What happens if I pay for a package, and I don't collect all of my animals or don't get the opportunity to take the animals?​​

    • We will do our very best to ensure this does not happen, however this is hunting. If you do not get your minimum amount of animals we'll work with you on setting up another hunt or work towards making up the difference either on the same trip or a future trip. 

  • What happens if bad weather occurs?​​

    • We will hunt in almost all types of weather except for extreme winds and lightning. If for whatever reason we can't make it out to any of our hunting areas we'll discuss with you about rescheduling within the same season.

  • What happens if I can't make my date because of an emergency. 

    • Things happen and we 100% understand that. We'll keep your deposit and work with you to re-book. If you are unable to book again with the same season then you lose your deposit. ​

  • Do you run your feeders and sites year round?

    • Short Answer is yes -- we maintain the feeders and land year round to attract Deer and ensure they have enough healthy habitat. Feeders are going year-round though we also work hard to provide natural habitat and food plots for the deer. The long answer is that we look at this area as we are constantly improving it every year. ​

  • Do you have rifles for us to use?

    • Yes. If you need a firearm for hunting we can provide one as well as some range time to ensure you are comfortable firing the weapon.​

  • Will you clean the animals for us?

    • We have several options available via our pricing list. If you have any questions just let us know. 

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    • Valid Texas Hunting License, Snacks/Drinks, and any other hunting equipment you'd like to have. Rain Gear is always good to have handy too as is a jacket. For your firearm, if you are bringing one or several, we'll just want to ensure it's capable of taking the game cleanly and humanely before we start hunting. 

  • What if i want to clean and butcher my animals my self? 

    • This is 100% fine and fully encouraged. We have a covered and enclosed building where this can be done. If you want to do this, but don't know how - we are very happy to teach you too! 

  • Can we video and photograph during our hunt?

    • Absolutely!

  • Can I do a day hunt? Maybe just one evening or one morning? 

    • Get in touch with us and we can figure something out! Don't hesitate to contact us! ​

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